The full counter-tourism.com is still in prep. We look forward to posting what we’ve learned from the counter-tourism skill-share survey!

For now, here’s some information on Student Community Action Tours, the group that runs this site:

  • the latest pamphlet, with a rundown of SCAT activities—ranging from theater of the oppressed games to cross-generational oral history—and SCAT collaborations with schools and community groups.
  • this great, feature review of SCAT in September from Cross-Ties at the Mid-Atlantic Regional Center for the Humanities.
  • a draft curriculum for a counter-tourism workshop for young writers.
  • a short take on SCAT’s workshop at the 2014 Allied Media Conference, in collaboration with members of Detroit Future Youth, for an idea of what a rapid-fire training-for-trainers looks like.
  • information about SCAT’s workshop at the Interference Archive in Brooklyn, December 2014 (check out the infopack and photo search!).

More to come! For any questions in the meantime, contact StudentCommunityActionTours@gmail.com.

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